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FinishOne Final Rinse 630

Avesta FinishOne Passivator 630 is intended for a wide range of industrial passivating applications.

  • It offers a good general passivating result on stainless steel surfaces.
  • Is easy to handle and classified as non-dangerous goods.
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S-Weld Brite Wash Stainless Steel Cleaner

S-Weld Brite Wash is an acidic, biodegradable detergent designed for surface cleaning for stainless steel & carbon steel after fabrication.

  • Suitable for in-situ cleaning of architectural stainless steel surfaces.
  • Removes surface dust, soil, rust, water stains, iron and organic contamination without affecting the surface finish of the stainless steel.
  • Also used to remove surface corrosion and staining on handrails and other stainless steel surfaces.
  • It is excellent for cleaning machined carbon steel parts.
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S-Weld Passivating Solution

S-Weld Passivator is a powerful oxidising solution for the passivation of stainless steel, duplex steel and Inconel alloys.

  • Ensure a passive surface is obtained prior to installation or commissioning of the final product.
  • Typically used after pickling

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